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Dr. Thomas Basikolo

Lead of AI for Good
  • Affiliation: ITU
  • Country: JAPAN


Thomas Basikolo works with the ITU, overseeing AI for Good’s Machine Leaning activities and advising the ITU-T Focus Group on Autonomous Networks. He manages the ITU AI/ML Challenges and is the lead of crowdsourcing AI/ML solutions for climate change, a significant initiative set to be showcased at COP28, as part of a partnership between ITU, IAEA, FAO, UNESCO, and the World Bank. He earned his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Yokohama National University, Japan. Before ITU, he worked as a Research Engineer at Microwave Factory Co., Ltd, Tokyo.

Thomas has extensively published in wireless communications and antenna engineering. He is a dedicated reviewer for IEEE and IEICE Journals, with interests spanning machine learning, deep learning, network science, and their wireless network applications as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).